Observing the Experience of Being a Being

1 Little Revolution
2 min readMay 19, 2020

Thought Experiment — Observing the Experience of Being A Being.

I am calling this layer of influences, Peripheral Influences.

The people in this category are ones who are distant and we come to know of them through their work.

The people in my list of Peripheral Influences are people whose work i have found in books, films, television and social media.

The common thread i found in my list is that only people who share their work, have multiple mediums like books, videos, podcast, social media and who are relatable have an enough to influence my reality.

For example: Brene Brown stands big on influencing my vocabulary, understanding of emotions etc. etc. Simply put, if i am in a life crisis that involves emotions and need to communicate myself better — then something i have read , hear, or seen of what Brene Brown created will definitely pop in my head to help have a better experience.

As far this list goes, she stands to be only person to have that huge an impact.

Who are the people on your list of Peripheral Influences?



1 Little Revolution

This is an attempt to understand the various ways the threads of life touch us & we as humans touch it back.